The Mechanized Warfare Museum is extremely excited to announce one of the most unique pieces of American Armor that is returning this year! The M5 Stuart Flamethrower Tank!
This flamethrower tank is utilizing the M3 Auxiliary bow-mounted flamethrower in place of the normal M1919A4 Browning Machine gun. There are only a few of these extremely rare experimental units left in operational condition today.

The M3 AUX allowed any normal Stuart or Sherman variant to become a flamethrower support vehicle in the field in under 10 minutes. It would have had an internal tank group with a 12-gallon fuel tank and large pressure bottle. The operator would have about 25 seconds of fuel burn total and a reach of over 200 ft with a gelled fuel agent. See it only at WWII Weekend this July at the Deerfield Fairgrounds!
As a bonus, witness this rare and unique weapon from the crew’s perspective with our featured video below!
Do you want to hear the roar of this beast and feel the heat in person?

Well what are you waiting for? Buy your tickets today!

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